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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 15, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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from japan ever did come across
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. if radiation from japan ever did blow across the ocean, we'd know about it. a look at the sophisticated detection system in the bay area. >> and a new look at the healing power of music. >> i play the drums for her and she said me name. i said my god, this is amazing. >> what music can do for alzheimer's and stroke patients that pill cannot. >> good everyoning, i'm ken. >> and i'm dana king. bay area pharmacies are inundated with a request for pill to fight radiation poisoning. we learned that new radiation monitoring may be installed here. we'll have more on that in a moment. we start in japan, the real possibility of a nuclear meltdown. japanese are taking safety into their own hands. they are getting mixed messages
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from their own government. >> another crisis at the fukushima nuclear plant. a second fire. it lasted only a half hour, but signified japan's unpredictable nuclear troubles. plant workers had to step back after a spike in radiation levels. officials are concerned about possible core damage in the number two reactor. >> it is a hole or it is nothing. that we doe don't know yet. >> residents are frustrated with the communication. >> i am not told what to do by any authority figure. >> we have not been given reliable dose estimates. >> some people aren't taking any chances. they are boarding flights out of tokyo's airports. >> we will take a precautionary measure and get further away. >> we are less than 150 miles west of the nuclear plant. people here are going to
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school. they are going to work. it's impossible to know what risks they face. >> this man took his family and fled the danger zone to escape potential exposure. i'm very, very worried, he says, i have children and the damage may already be done. for people in the quake zone, it's utter destruction. the death toll is more than 3600 and thousands are still missing. >> it's as bad as anything i've seen. >> and the need for humanitarian aid is becoming greater each day. it's windy today here in japan and the good news for the people of japan, it's blowing in the right direction. over that stricken nuclear power plant and then out over the pacific ocean. in japan, charlie dagata, cbs 5. >> experts say radiation released is unlikely to cause any problems here in the bay area, but how can we be so sure? robert lial shows us what is monitoring our skies. >> eight stories above ellis
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in san francisco, it quietly spins. and at first glance, it looks like a middle school science project, but don't be deceived. this 4-foot tall tin man is scanning bay area air for something deadly. >> beta particles, which are the results of decay and gama waves. >> that's what could be released if the core explodes. if the explosion is significant enough, they get picked up with the jet stream and could drop radiation rain here. >> but that's extremely unlikely that there would be any risk to folks in this country. the distance is simply so large. >> still, the bay area management dramatic says -- >> my understanding is, they may be putting out additional monitors for this particular
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incident. >> mobile monitors. where, how many, no one will say, but radiation fear 5,000 miles away is playing out in local pharmacies. >> they say they don't have it and that whole sailers don't have it. >> there's been a run on iodine pills. >> people are terrified, including myself. > wail green's and right aid tells abc 5 they have received hundreds of calls for people who want to stock up. now there's a run on kelp, believed to protect the thyroid in the same way as iodide. >> i don't think we have had anything people sought after so much. >> tonight, pharmacists at wallgreen's and cvs are out of stock. upon closer inspection, buyer beware. these pills expired 3 1/2 years
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ago. >> a surprising twist, regina told a reporter buying iodide pills was appropriate as a precaution, but late tonight, her office issued what they are calling a clarification, saying she would not recommend people purchase pills for themselves. >> also may be a health problem for certain individuals that take the pills. >> if you have kidney issues, if you have liver issues, there's an issue with hypertension. you know, this is adding sodium to your system, so there are a lot of concerns if you take out these pills without a doctor's recommendation. >> very risky. thank you robert. japanese businesses have taken a hit. everything from cars to high- tech. and now we're learning that another prized japanese export is affected. grace lee on the sushi shortage. >> when you head to your local sushi spot, you may notice an
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absence of fish. the famous fish market was shut down after the massive earthquake and tsunami decimated the northern part of japan. like most industries, fishing has come to a grinding halt. since then, sushi supplies have been limited at best. on hay street, the traditional japanese restaurant changed its menu completely to deal with the supplies. >> check out this long list of sushi normally here. they fly in the fish from japan and butcher it in the back. they haven't gotten a delivery since friday. meaning, they are not going to be able to serve sushi in the near future. for now, the owner is serving primarily cooked food that are trickling out of japan, but expects that small supply will dry up. >> they are undergoing planned and scheduled blackouts. a lot of restaurants are left without ways to keep fish -- the little that they have
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caught, became available to us much sooner than anybody expected. at the san francisco fishing company, their supplies do not come out of japan, but in a global economy, they expect their own prices to rise. >> that's because they are going to be taking the fish from this. they are not going to be able to catch fish enough to supply that market and this market. >> while bay area foodies may be inconvenienced by a lack of sushi for months to come, the japanese are looking at a threat for their food supply and a recovery that could take years. grace lee, cbs 5. and if you want to help japanese victims, go to click on links and numbers for a list of agencies that are coordinating relief. also the news tonight, what appears to be a simple theft of a sign, may turn into a hate crime. why? it has to do with witches. police say that a manmade off with this sign from a santa
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cruz witchcraft supply store. he put it in an suv that had the phrases jesus saves and confess and forgive on the side. police say that he took off ultimately led them on a 20 minute pursuit before finally being arrested. >> i think we've got a person with christian propaganda painted all over his vehicle. stealing from the witches. i don't think it's a coincidence that he stole our sign. i think it's because of his religious beliefs and how he feels about our religious beliefs. >> i think that makes it a hate crime. >> everyone tries to get along for the most part and he is hoping the guy who stole the sign is from out of state. an employee jotted down the oregon plate number which helped police spot him. first came the training, then the warnings. now police are enforcing a new law in san francisco. joe vazquez reports it's a law that is supposed to make the streets safer.
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>> hey you guys, we don't mind you making a documentary, but give us money so we can drink some beer. >> aggressive panhandling is alive and well. even in the driving rain, small crowds still sprawl out on the sidewalk. four months after the voters of san francisco passed the law making it illegal to sit or lie along city sidewalks from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. >> we started last week. >> after months of training, captain dennis says his officers in the hate quietly enforced the law last thursday. so far, no arrests. >> the law itself was written for a gentle rollout in which if you advise somebody that if they are in violation of the law and they comply with the law, that's the end of it. >> have they warned you guys or anything? >> no, and we won't accept any warning. >> do you think this law will work? >> no, it's not going to work. it doesn't work now. never did work and it's not going to work, dude.
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>> kimberly, like many of her neighbors has mixed feelings about the enforcement. >> i don't like to see our resources being used to move people who are really in need of services. but it's not an easy place to raise kids. >> for not being aggressive, we care about everybody this comes here, dude, we love these people, dude. all right? we don't want to not love them. >> all right, well despite that dude's bluster, the police captain tells me that most people here are heeding the warnings. if they don't, they could face $100 fine and if they keep going, it could be a $500 ticket and actually they could spend some time in jail beyond that. dana, that's not to say that somebody doesn't just heed the warning and it comes back here on the street once the police leave. >> it was passed by the voters and i would think at some point, they would hope it would
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be enacted. and the hate, joe vazquez, thank you. >> quite a bit of rain falling in some spots tonight. we'll show you a picture of the highway 1 area in samona county this afternoon. a foot and a half of water collected there, forcing crews to shut down the road in both directions. and take a look at this. the big wall of mud and debris came on to the highway near the russian river. fret si soupy there. the county did get some crews to clean that mess up. roberta, where is this rain head something. >> it has been draped across the north bay. we are beginning to see missouri in that line. you see it right there, indicating the bright areas. you are probably experiencing right now in richmond. do you hear the rain drops? all of this is beginning to sag in a southerly direction. san jose, you too have rain. now the effect all this will have on the morning commute
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cutting edge brain research have in common? they one of the grateful dead, a bay area film director and brain research have in common? they are at the center of a feature film. opening this friday. dr. kim takes a look at the healing power of music. >> in the feature film, the music never stopped, a father takes his father to see the grateful dead. the son's favorite band. >> i never heard this song before. >> that's because gabriel resurfaces with a devastating disease. >> the parents get a call 20 years later, he's been found and diagnosed with a brain tumor. it's removed and he loses all the short-term memory. >> brought some music for us to listen to. >> the brain damage is
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extensive. gabriel is catatonic until he hears the music of his childhood, dillon the dead, the beetles, and the awaken. vibrant and articulate. the music reaches the brain in ways no other therapy does. the movie is based on a true life story that grabbed the attention of jim goldberg. >> i just developed this interest in what i think is the last unchartered territory, which ironically is not the cosmo. >> the idea that music can heal a broken brain is not lost on nikki heart. one time member of the dead. he knows firsthand. >> my grandmother in the 70s had alzheimer's. she didn't speak for about a year. i played the drums for her and she said my name. and i said my god. this is amazing. >> it's not just dementia and
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alzheimer's. >> it can get into a person where words can't. >> the therapist is working with 85-year-old bob chambers. he has been hospitalized with a wound that won't heal. >> it takes my mind off my body and makes everything wonderful. >> how music helps the brain is not clearly understood. the neuroscientist says with stroke patients, music may help recruit other parts of the brain to take over. >> if for example you have a large stroke that affects those left areas of the brain that are involved in speak and are damaged, a will the of therapy might help recruit structures on the right side. >> as for heart, he has done music therapy with all sorts of patients. his theory, it's the beat. >> we are embedded in a universe of rhythm, vibrations. it brings back memories. it brings back times and places, especially for people
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in the darkness who have lost that connection. dr. kim, cbs 5 health watch. >> well, it's like price line for pants. gap is inviting shoppers to name their price on 18 different pair of khakis for men. you make an offer, gap counters and so can you. this arrangement is at and it's good until tomorrow. there you go. grab your khakis at a discount, roberta. >> i wanted to put a wager on some waiters, because it's been wet outside. this is the scene at highway 17. we have the rain falling. we also have fog. that will be the case for your morning commute. it's live at high deaf doppler radar. we finally have movement and this area of low pressure, there you can see it clearly defined by the line of yellow there. now we have a breakthrough the northern portion of our district, where it has been
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raining all day, all night. east out of the bay, we have light to moderate rain. and heavy rain now pushing into half-moon bay. let's take a look at the totals. over an inch, oakland same story and half-moon bay approaching a half an inch of rain. and with the rain falling tonight, overnight numbers pretty much in the 40s and in the 50s. this is really a solution here, we have this area of low pressure passing to the bay area. on deck, the center still north of the bay area. behind it, a lot of weak impulses rotating around the low. it wants to keep our weather pattern unsettled all the way through really monday. all right, pinpoint forecast, morning commute hit and miss showers during the day. there's your lunch hour. pretty much from the south bay all the way to the santa cruz mountains. we will see light activity and a break in the activity by tomorrow night. until then, again, scattered lingering showers for your
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wednesday. numbers into the upper 50s and low 60s. west winds at 20. forecast calls for a cloudy day. 20% chance of showers thursday. unsettled conditions saturday through monday. and that is the pinpoint forecast. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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you have been hearing this term all week long and you know it's bad. marjorie in berkeley wants to know exactly what is a nuclear meltdown? and what are the long-term affects? that's tonight's good question nuclear meltdown, the term evokes panic in some, fear in others. it is the worse case scenario. >> temperature goes up to around 3800 degreesfahrenheit. that's when the fuel attacks this metal clouding and they melt to the earth. >> water is circulated around the rods. >> uc berkeley explains that in a normal reactor, fuel rods give off heat. as long as node rods are covered in water, the heat is
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controlled. but if for any reason water or coolant is lost and the rods become exposed, they can crack and melt and that is the beginning of the end. >> it can get down to the bottom of the vessel, which is typically metal. >> it is 6-inch metal steel. >> could it melt right through that? >> oh yeah, if it's 38 degrees fahrenheit, it will go through about anything. >> he describes it as a radioactive blob, giving off some of the deadliest stuff known to man. >> what they have seen so far is iodine, telorium. they will have to close those things up, maybe encase them and just wait. i don't know, 50 years before they can get in there and tear them apart. >> go to click on connect to send me
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your good questions. ,,,,,,,,,,
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they tipped off the n.i.t. tournament tonight against kent many felt st. marry's belonged after getting snubbed, against ken state. the home court advantage and rob jones took the team on his
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back for 21 points. they eventually built a 13 point lead. that lead was down to one point. michael, well the ball goes out of bounds and they came down, justin green with three seconds left and they came down to this. >> momentum, mcconnell for the win. he missed it. he missed it, and kent will celebrate a victory. >> very probable, mickey missed the layoff. st. mary's stunned on their home court and their season is over. a couple post season tournaments, san jose state spartans lose in the cbi torn. tournament. and north carolina at ashville taking on arkansas, little rock in the ncaa tournament. matt hits the runner 81-77 is
11:30 pm
the final. they'll face pit on thursday. kevin booker draining the early 3 ball to make it 25-7. it was never close. the tigers win 70-52, proving that uab didn't belong in a pal tournament. it was raining hockey sticks in dallas where the sharks hosted the -- ryan breaks that tie. his 23rd of the year. 3-2 sharks. less than two minutes later, dishes to torrey mitchell. san jose and they win 6-3. good news, a's closer has been diagnosed with only a strained right forearm. it was feared he might have suffered an elbow injury yesterday, but he'll resume throwing when he is pain free. looking slimmer than ever as the a's hosted the cubs this afternoon. allowed three hits in 5 2/3 while striking out four. a's bullpen gave up 6 over the
11:31 pm
final 2 innings. i have in my hand tuesday night number 5. it should have been the easiest goal in history. emanuel blew a goal right there. game ended in a 2-2 tie. speaking of missing, that's what he did on this attempted checking. have a nice trip, see you next fall. freddy sanchez had a great game tonight. first, he launches a home run, then he cracks his first top five of the season with the nice glove and the giants beat the dbacks 5-4. let's go back to the shark game. doug murray with a nice open on lui, he is fun to go out with. and pacers tied with 5 seconds left. yes, daddy granger, the game winning jump shot as the pacers beat the new york knicks. the first appearance on the top five, by the way. >> he gets the prime rib.
11:32 pm
>> how do you know? >> a limmo ride there? >> no, we lost the deal. ,,,,,,,,,,,,
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